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Digital transformation

We are partners with leading manufacturers of IT equipment and software. Due to the partnership status and well-established interaction, we can offer modern IT solutions at an affordable price.

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Our vision lies in the correct, modern and reliable and at the same time logical approach to building information systems.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide large and medium-sized businesses in Uzbekistan with a reliable and modern IT infrastructure at affordable prices.


We are official partners and work directly with global hardware manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo, Juniper, Fortinet and others.

About us

ITIM SOUL LTD considers change and innovation to be its top priority and will always go the extra mile from the customer's point of view.

LLC "ITIM SOUL" provides SI-consulting, services for the construction and maintenance of ICT infrastructure in the country and abroad.

We will do our best to create a valuable world with an attitude of action and not just thinking.


System strategy

ITIM SOUL, staffed by a variety of SI experts and varied SI project consulting experience, represents a general direction from consulting to service in areas that customers are concerned about when implementing a system, such as performance, security, and availability.

System implementation

A system is a field in which various software and hardware such as server, virtualization, storage, and networking are concentrated. provides a single service for processing and creating various software and hardware required by various system engineers and systems.

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